Text Prompt Tips: diy

AI Art Generators output new images that never existed before, based on the Prompts (text and/or image) that is input to them.

Prompt Examples:

  • elderly woman, portrait, warm color palette
  • young man frowning, watercolor painting
  • baseball players playing catch, charcoal sketch, realistic
  • sturgeon fish, pastel color palette
  • a hispanic ballerina in a puddle, looking at the cloudy skies
  • a boy, cloissone style, black background, 35mm camera lens, ultra-wide angle, day view, forest, pine tree, edge, high detail
  • a busy village, colorful huts, jungle, high detail, high definition, high quality, photo-realistic, ultra realistic, hyper-realistic, 8k


  • NOUNS: optional but highly recommended
  • ADJECTIVES: beautiful, epic, realistic, massive, colorful, tiny… Text Prompt Tips: adjectives
  • ARTIST NAMES: I do not recommend using living nor recently deceased artist names without their fully informed prior written consent. A better option is to use ‘unbundling techniques.’
    • Text Prompt Tips: artist names
    • Unbundling Technique: proposed by ‘Bakz T. Future’. Create a long description of the specific style of the artist(s) characteristics and techniques instead of using the artist names. Example Unbundling Prompt: ” Children playing soccer. The sketch has a simple composition, with three pastel colors: pink, blue and green. However, it is also packed with hidden meanings and visual complexities, digital art. ”
      • GPT-3, Jasper, Writesonic, Google can help you write your own AI Text Prompts with the Unbundling Technique. Or write your own now that you have a better understanding of how to write them.
  • STYLE: fantasy, symmetry, surrealism, contemporary, modern, minimalism, digital, pixel art, painting, felting, papercutting… Text Prompt Tips: styles
  • COMPUTER GRAPHICS: Octane render, Unreal Engine, Ray tracing, 3D rendering, Cycles, Eevee…
  • QUALITY: high, 4k, 8k
  • ART PLATFORM NAMES: arstation, behance, unreal engine, weta digital, weta fx, wlop, facebook, twitter, and many more. Example Prompt: trending on <art platform>.

Feature Image on this post: Text Prompt: “beadwork of a man”

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